Tour Xenses From Cancun And Riviera Maya

$109 / per person


Tour Xenses From Cancun And Riviera Maya, One of the best tours in cancun .

Hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste (and more senses you are about to discover) will be challenged in each activity of our park.Arrive at the pinwheel, the perfect welcoming to the magic. Get the perfect photos from the bottom of a pool where you can’t get wet or the tunnel of hearts; as well, you can mess with your stability, in the vortex. Swimsuit and water shoes on, you are ready to choose your path: Path of Feeling or Path of Doing. Either way, the experience will be phenomenal. On the path of Doing, the stability and balance are out of control, so be careful.

On the Path of Feeling, each sense will be challenged, and you will learn that sometimes logic is more helpful than sight. At Xenses, nothing is what it seems!

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